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Picture of Tailored and Elevated Mascara's by Mina AlSheikhly
Portrait of Mina AlSheikhly

The Story

After three years of trips around the world and constant search for the perfect formula, Mina Al Sheikhly’s mascaras are finally here. Produced and packaged in Italy, Mina Al Sheikhly’s mascara line promises aesthetic refinement.

The luxe marbled packaging that comes in light turquoise and rose is inspired by semi-precious stones that radiate positive energy. – Much like we hope you do when wearing Mina Al Sheikhly’s mascara. From packaging to branding, Mina Al Sheikhly draws inspiration from the world of interiors to make sure your lashes are tailored and elevated.

Drawing board of Mina Al Sheikhly designing the perfect mascara for you

Tailored Mascara

Mina Al Sheikhly holding Tailored Mascara

Elevated Mascara

Mina Al Sheikhly holding Elevated Mascara

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Picture of a woman holding three Mascara's by Mina AlSheikhly A display of all mascara pack shots - the Elevated, Curved, Tailored and Layered Mascaras by Mina Alsheikhly Close up shot of Mina Al Sheikhly face wearing the mascara  Layered Mascara by Mina AlSheikhly Picture of a woman holding Layered Mascara by Mina AlSheikhly