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About Us

The mascara line is produced and packaged in Italy, with a simple and elegant design that delivers the most volume and length possible. The Mina Al Sheikhly mascara formula, which contains a bold complex, promises lively lashes while soothing tender eyes. Aesthetic refinement is what the Mina Al Sheikhly range is all about, along with long-lasting results and natural beauty. From the high quality materials used, to the intense pigmentation and innovative applicator brushes that allow you to get perfect, evenly spread application every time.

Mina Al Sheikhly’s mascaras are the best choice for the women who want to achieve that perfected look. With its gorgeous case, luxurious mascara brush and safe & effective formula this product will change your life! You’ll have bold style that will catch every eye without clumping lashes. Mina Al Sheikhly’s mascaras are designed to define and create length and volume so that lashes will be beautiful all day. Eye-catching, exclusive packaging contains 2 different mascaras: Elevated and Tailored Mascaras

After testing hundreds of formulas and working personally with laboratories in Italy, Mina Al Sheikhly’s mascaras are finally here. Produced and packaged in Italy, this mascara line promises aesthetic refinement.