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Epic Lashes - By Mina Al Sheikhly

JUNE 12, 2022 | By MinaAlSheikhly

You can’t strike a conversation without looking someone directly in the eyes. Your features or outfits might cause a slight distraction, but the eyes remain the star of the show. And there’s one good way to make sure it stays that way: Mascara.

They say that eyes don’t lie, and By Mina Al Sheikhly Mascaras are foolproof. 

If you’ve ever struggled looking for the right mascara, By Mina Al Sheikhly Mascaras are here to help put your lash woes away. Produced and packaged in Italy, these amazing products promise to give your lashes the best feel and look it needs. Here’s a little bit more about our Tailored Mascara - a purchase you’ll never regret.

Ultra - Volumizing Mascara - Tailored Mascara 

This mascara lengthens and adds volume to your lashes; a perfect power look. As they really curl your lashes, they also lift them and create instant dimension. And if you can’t postpone an urgent breakdown, worry not. Our water-resistant product is able to retain its volume and color. Better yet, the formula isn’t damaging to the eyes. It’s a new wax formula (Composite Resin, Candelilla dispersed in Jojoba Oil) that maintains well-defined lashes while moisturizing and allowing longer and thicker lash growth. Last but not least, the unique feature of this product is its innovative brush. The twisted, soft-fiber brush provides a triple effect that helps create a wide-eye look for better and longer lashes. 

But here comes the question: Why haven’t you bought it yet?

Aside from what we’ve mentioned earlier, here’s another reason to persuade you. 

It’s tailored mascara. 

As most people know, mascara - just like most makeup products - is empowering to all genders. And with the pandemic forcing us to wear masks all the time, there’s only been one way we recognize each other - the eyes. So, it’s our responsibility  to make sure you bat those eyelashes with confidence. Try By Mina Al Sheikhly Tailored Mascara for yourself, and be bolder than ever.

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